How our customers are benefitting from our integration into Centrica Business Solutions

How our customers are benefitting from our integration into Centrica Business Solutions


Optimising the power of energy as part of Centrica Business Solutions

Since November 2017 REstore has been part of Centrica Business Solutions, the international distributed energy & power division of Centrica plc, which acquired our business in 2017.

Complete distributed energy solution

Together, REstore and Centrica Business Solutions are enabling businesses to take advantage of the changing energy landscape through distributed energy technologies. The acquisition means our customers now have extended access to compatible, intelligent end-to-end distributed energy solutions that power the complete spectrum of energy performance and resilience. We continue to operate across North America as well as within our traditional European markets.


World-leading technology

REstore’s Demand Side Management and Virtual Power Plant expertise, driven by our world- leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platforms and algorithms, have extended Centrica Business Solutions’ existing capabilities. Together, we manage 5GW of flexible Demand Side Response (DSR) assets, from industrial and residential consumers. We are helping public bodies and businesses across all sectors to maximise the value of their energy flexibility and transforming their self-owned distributed energy resources (DER’s) from a cost into an attractive value stream, supporting the growth of renewable energy.

Meeting the triple energy challenge

Centrica Business Solutions is enabling organisations to navigate the complexities of a rapidly decentralising energy market. Our holistic distributed energy solutions overcome today’s triple energy challenge of rising energy costs, climate change threat and energy supply disruption.  We’re resolving this trilemma via a joined-up approach that comprises:

1.  Energy Insights:

Centrica Business Solutions Energy Insight solutions provide complete and detailed visibility into how, when and where you are consuming energy across your site – right down to device level. This enables our customers to benchmark usage, identify inefficiencies, and understand the most effective energy efficiency opportunities. We use our detailed analytics to optimise performance of energy consuming equipment and processes – reducing downtime and waste and increasing productivity. Such insights also work alongside our AI technology platforms to identify flexibility opportunities. In this way we are maximising DSR aggregation and optimisation opportunities for our customers. In fact, our customers are accessing up to 52% more DSR revenue.

2.   Energy Solutions:

After using energy insights and audits to pinpoint where organisations should target energy demand and carbon reduction actions, we deploy advanced energy solutions to implement these measures. We supply a number of energy efficient technologies, such as LED lighting, advanced heating and cooling solutions and energy control systems. 

Centrica Business Solutions combines energy efficiency technologies and services with expertise in onsite generation and energy storage. Our combined heat and power (CHP), solar generation and battery storage technologies play a leading role in DSR aggregation and optimisation. We offer flexible financing options to enable organisations to deliver these solutions off balance sheet. 

3.   Energy Optimisation: 

Centrica Business Solutions optimises energy across the entire customer site – from individual equipment and process, through to the building footprint.  After minimising waste and ensuring that energy assets are operating optimally, our customers are then perfectly placed to exploit more advanced cost and carbon reduction opportunities. These include DSR (Demand Side Management, basic and advanced) and supply optimisation, which combines demand response actions with real-time trading strategies to maximise value. With Centrica Business Solutions’ combined energy supply, export, flexibility and trading capabilities, we’ve recently launched the UK’s first Supply Optimisation contract. This represents a huge leap forward in energy procurement.

How Centrica Business Solutions can help

Centrica Business Solutions is uniquely positioned to help you capture maximum value from the evolving energy market.  As you strive to balance the demands of growth, risk, cost control and decarbonisation, our 3600 distributed energy solutions help you to meet these challenges and gain competitive advantage from your energy strategy. 

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