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REstore partners with household appliance manufacturers and residential storage solutions providers to transform devices into revenue generating resources on the grid. This allows our partners to transform themselves from product providers to service companies and offer significant benefits to their end-customers. 

As your partner, REstore does not face the residential customer directly, but operates in the background with its patented FlexPond™ platform. FlexPond’s unique Artificial Intelligence-capabilities allow you to generate additional revenues and offer novel services without any negative impact on the end-user experience or safety. 

It is not widely known, but REstore already partners with many household names and brands around the globe through ‘quiet’ Internet-of-Things partnerships. 

Each of our partners share the same mission as REstore: to create a better future with less carbon emissions and better services to end-customers.

What do we offer?

Operational excellence

Operational excellence

through scalable connectivity solutions, we provide our partners with the unmatched capabilities of FlexPond™, the best-in-class Distributed Energy Resource Management System, allowing devices to become dynamic resources in the ‘smart’ grid. With this you will gain from the FlexPond™ leading global track record in high-value grid services, with more than 99.5% reliability to grid operators since its start in 2013;

More value for flexible power

More value for flexible power

through patented portfolio management algorithms, and rich existing portfolios of C&I loads, REstore can offer up to 40% more than its competitors for a given kW of flexible power. This means more value for your customers. 

Low-threshold implementation

Low-threshold implementation

through the standardized coupling offered by FlexPond™, your appliances will couple seamlessly to our platform, without the need for additional hardware on site. No expensive gateways, no installation nightmares, no cumbersome maintenance for you or your customers.

Our Expertise


Our expertise

Technology and Analytics

REstore’s proprietary AI-solutions are patented and trademarked, developed by a world-class team of AI experts and engineers.


REstore has a profound understanding of high-value flexible power markets resulting in a leading trading track record globally, enabling maximal monetization of the flexible power of your devices.


REstore takes security extremely seriously: it is the only demand-side management company to be awarded an ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management. This certification highlights our position as a global leader in high-tech, secure demand side management, and assuring grid operators and partners alike that their information assets are managed in accordance with the strictest international standards.

Environment and Mission

All that REstore does is put in the context of its overall mission to reduce carbon footprint and to decarbonize the energy market. Today REstore has saved more than 3,305,209 tons of CO2 emissions by managing CO2-free industrial flexible loads and connecting them to the smart grid. Every day, our international team of business developers, engineers, data scientists and other experts collaborate to achieve our mission together.

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Wij werken samen met toonaangevende producenten van huishoudapparaten en wereldwijdgekende vernieuwers op energievlak om de innovatiefste diensten en meer waarde te kunnen bieden aan de eindgebruikers thuis. Door gebruik te maken van de inherente energieflexibiliteit van apparaten kan de integratie van duurzame energie in het elektriciteitsnet worden bevorderd. En dus, worden inkomsten gegenereerd zonder negatieve impact op de gebruikerservaring of de veiligheid. Hoog tijd dus om uw producten ’smarter’ te maken en om geld te beginnen verdienen op het slimme elektricteitsnet.

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