Demand Response programmes for Industries

Demand Response programmes for Industries



Commercial and Industrial energy consumers are subject to increasing electricity costs and greater risk of power scarcity.

The Energy Transition, including the shift to cleaner forms of electricity generation, means that energy markets and networks are less predictable, and the cost of operating such systems increases. These costs are recouped through transmission charges in energy bills, impacting the profitability and competitiveness of Commercial and Industrial consumers.

REstore's Demand Response (DR) solution allows Commercial and Industrial consumers to participate in Demand Response programmes across Europe in order to effectively reduce their energy bill.

Industries' needs in DR

REstore is powered by FlexPond™, a cloud-based solution that manages a portfolio of over 1,7 GW of peak flexible load: the equivalent of a virtual power station but faster, cleaner, more reliable, and less costly.



Bringing the Internet-of-Things to life

FlexPond™ continually monitors thousands of data points in real-time, 24 hours a day. Its patented TetRES and Beetle algorithms are constantly optimising the right assets to deliver power curtailment within seconds or minutes of a request.

Strict industrial boundary conditions

FlexPond™ operates within strict operational boundaries, it can only make a request to deliver power. If the operational boundary conditions are not met, then activation will not happen. This ensures that all our Commercial and Industrial consumers retain complete control of their processes and their productivity is never impacted.

Simple installation set-up

FlexPond™ is connected to a Commercial & Industrial consumer site by the simple installation of a FlexTract™ box. This unit interfaces directly with the site’s industrial automation system or building management system through standard interfaces. Due to the standard nature of the hardware, FlexTract™ is compatible with all industrial automation protocols.

Full transparency

FlexPond™ is accessible through the FlexProvider Cockpit to provide full transparency for the Demand Response programmes in which Commercial & Industrial consumers are enrolled. This allows both energy managers and plant managers to view aspects of their Demand Response participation including activation success, payments, and CO₂ emissions saved.

Programmes for Industries



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Réserves rapides et complémentaires (R3)Réserve

REstore is uniquely positioned as the only aggregator in Europe that is active in all European reserves. In fact, REstore is the only one with the capability to offer Primary Reserve with a Demand Response portfolio. The greatest attraction of Primary Reserve is that it offers the highest payment and has the smallest impact on the operations of a manufacturing plant.

This means that only REstore can deliver tailored solutions based on our Commercial and Industrial consumers’ specific needs. For example, this may include multiple assets at a single site that participate in multiple Demand Response programmes, so that revenue payments are maximised, while ensuring that operations are unaffected.

Why REstore?

Revenue Optimisation

Revenue Optimisation

REstore optimises revenues all year-round, offering the highest possible volume, in the highest-paying reserve, at the best possible time.

No Risk

No Risk

You always keep control and authority. Your assets' primary purpose is and remains to make products or deliver services. REstore will not interfere with that. REstore's portfolio shields you from the risk of penalties when your ongoing operations mean your power flexibility is not available. There is no impact on your production. Your high quality standards are always maintained.

Full Transparency

Full Transparency

REstore builds partnership with 100% aligned goals. We and you earn from Demand Response, not from optimisation of someone else's generation assets. We have no conflict of interest with generation. Therefore, we can give you a real-time view on the value of your flexibility: how much payment is expected, when power is available, how much CO₂ was saved etc...

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