REstore is one of the leading energy technology companies specialised in Demand Side Management. The company offers Demand Response services to Industrial, Commercial and Residential consumers and offers cloud-based Demand Side Management solution platform FlexPond™ to Utilities.

Since many years, the company leads the fast-growing European Primary Reserve / Frequency Control markets and operates in all ancillary services and capacity markets in Europe. The company’s proprietary solution FlexPond™ is used by more than 200 of Europe’s largest industrial energy consumers, and a range of utility clients that include five of Europe’s top-50 utilities and grid operators.

REstore, founded by Pieter-Jan Mermans and Jan-Willem Rombouts in 2010, has been acquired by Centrica in 2017. REstore is part of the Distributed Energy & Power division, led by Centrica’s DE&P Managing Director, Jorge Pikunic.

  • maximumDeliverablePower 2300 MW
    Flexible Power*
  • reliability 99,6 %
*Quarterly updated
*Peak Power



For commercial and industrial consumers, REstore sources flexible power across a wide portfolio of business sectors including chemicals, steel, paper, cement, non-ferrous and food. By 2017 REstore had 1500 MW of 99.6% reliable flexible power under management. Industrial consumers maximising their Demand Response revenues with REstore include ArcelorMittal, Total and Sappi.

REstore offers its highly available “flexible power” to Transmission System Operators in France, the United-Kingdom, Benelux and Germany. REstore does not generate power (“Megawatts”), but intelligently reduces consumption (“Negawatts”). So while helping to secure continuity of supply, REstore is effectively reducing CO₂ emissions as part of its mission to help combat climate change.

In addition to participating to DR programmes, REstore offers its 360-degree Demand Side Management solution FlexTreo™ to large industrial consumers who’d like to uses real-time energy market data to capture real-time opportunities.

Complementing its aggregator business REstore also sells its FlexPond™ solution, across the globe, allowing utilities to engage with their large C&I consumers on Demand Response and create their own Mixed Assets Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) to bid into reserve markets, ranging from capacity markets over tertiary reserve all the way up to primary reserve – where the most value resides.
REstore’s patented Mixed Assets VPPs also make it possible for such utilities to engage with their commercial and industrial clients through Demand Response, and gradually complement their commodity business with higher-margin smart grid related services.